The Model is the Value – Starting with a Domain Centric Design

This is the sixth post in the first Build-Measure-Learn cycle.
In the last post, I defined a set of test statements in BDD style, as a source for automated acceptance tests. Based on the given description of the first acceptance test, I am going to make a rough design for the automated acceptance tests. I rely on a Domain-Driven Design and have chosen the Hexagonal Architecture style, this also has implications on the way how the tests are implemented. I am developing a basic application design before implementing the automated acceptance tests, because I want to have some guidance for the upcoming development. Continue reading “The Model is the Value – Starting with a Domain Centric Design”

Just a Simple Paragraph

This post is the fourth one in the first Build-Measure-Learn cycle. In the last post, I broke down the story “Import a Text or Document File” into smaller stories. From the resulting set of smaller stories, I have picked the one called “Import a File with a Single Paragraph”. I am going to detail this story and add some acceptance criteria. Continue reading “Just a Simple Paragraph”