This page provides an overview of the cycles and articles belonging to them.

1st Build-Measure-Learn Cycle

Telling the Epic – Starting with a User Story Map

  • First draft of a user map
  • Persona Anton as the user type

Exploring the Major User Task “Storing text files”

  • Breaking down the Major Task ‘Storing text files’
  • The Story behind ‘Storing Text Files’

User Story “Import a text or document file”

  • Create the user story using the Connextra template.
  • Checking INVEST, the six characteristics of a good user story
  • Breaking down the major user story into smaller ones

Just a Simple Paragraph

  • The three aspects of a user story: card, conversation and confirmation
  • Defining acceptance criteria

How Can I accept it? – Starting with ATDD

  • Acceptance tests help to build a shared understanding
  • The principles of Agile Acceptance Testing
  • Formulating acceptance tests

The Model is the Value – Starting with a Domain Model Centric Design

  • The Domain Model Stands in the Centre
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Acceptance Tests as Adapters in the Hexagonal Architecture
  • Technology Decisions

Writing a Failing Acceptance Test with Cucumber

  • Selection of an acceptance criterion and refining the test scenario for a Word file
  • Describing the implementation of the test scenario

Apache Tika to the Rescue

  • Using Apache Tika
  • Collecting parser events
  • A meaningful document model
  • Transforming SAX events into a document model

The First View

  • A failing acceptance test for the UI
  • Introducing Play!
  • The first page of the web application
  • A document import started in the UI