Hi, my name is Georgios Andreadakis, I am a freelancer based in Munich. After studying computer science at the University of Ulm, I started as a Smalltalk-80 developer, working in projects, which focused on fat client applications. Around 2000 I switched to Java, building web applications, backend functionality and smart clients. Currently I am taking my first steps in Scala and related technologies like Sbt, Play and Akka.

As a freelancer, I only have a little influence on project processes, UI/UX design and the technical design of the target applications. Either the decisions had already been taken before I joined a project or the decisions have been made by other people. So one reason why I have started this blog is that I want to develop an application on my own and I want to do it in my way.

Another reason is that of course I want to do some advertisement for my ideas and myself. People can have a insight of my work and gain an overview of my skill portfolio and interests. Moreover, of course, the promotion of my ideas is also part of the advertisement.

This brings me to the most important reason, my work under scrutiny. Other people should examine my work carefully. I would appreciate any comment on my approach, my choice of technologies or the steps I have taken. In addition, since I am not a native speaker I would be pleased to receive corrections on my grammar and/or the style of my text.