Telling the Epic – Starting with a User Story Map

In the previous post, I presented the product vision. In this post I am going to lay out the product story. The main product idea will be framed by the first draft of a user story map. It includes a description of the persona ‘Anton’ and a couple of major user tasks. This is the first post in the first Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop. Continue reading “Telling the Epic – Starting with a User Story Map”

TAP – “Load it, analyze it, utilize it”

In this post I am elaborating the product vision. The Text Analyzer Platform (TAP) enables knowledge workers to gather information rich text and documents, analyse them and share the results of the analytical process. Users will gain helpful support for their knowledge intensive work. Continue reading “TAP – “Load it, analyze it, utilize it””

What’s this blog about?

This is blog is about my project called Text Analyzer Platform (TAP). I am trying to head down the path of a product development and I would like to share my future experiences with you. It is focussed on my project to build an application, which handles text files and processes contained information. Continue reading “What’s this blog about?”